San Diego’s Exclusive Organic and Natural Cannabis Delivery

OrganiCare Welcomes All Adults 18+ with a valid medical cannabis recommendation. OrganiCare’s organic cultivation techniques are based on a rigorous sterile method, evidence based practices, peer review, and over a decade of qualitative observation.

  • OrganiCare cultivates and distributes 100% organic, natural, and non-toxic medical cannabis.
  • OrganiCare places emphasis on non-toxic and water efficient healthy craft cannabis practices in the hopes to one day cure all our cannabis for a minimum of 90 days.
  • OrganiCare maintains an all organic standard as well as testing all the medicine we provide for toxins, quality, consistency, and purity.

How it works:

Step 1:  Registration

Membership with OrganiCare is absolutely free. You can easily complete your registration online within the time it takes to listen to one of your favorite songs! Membership eligibility requires a current physicians recommendation for medical cannabis and a current state or government identification.

Step 2: Order by phone or online

Once a member you can place an order online or by phone (619) 777-6283. Memberships approval is same day, and order processing is immediate. Drivers are professional, discrete, and friendly. OrganiCare serves Hillcrest, Little Italy, Downtown San Diego, Mission Hills, North Park, University Heights, South Park, Golden Hills and select surrounding areas.  As well as serving, Alpine, Lakeside, and Santee.  OrganiCare services most of the greater San Diego.

Step 3: Receive your delivery

Your order confirmation is by phone call, or an email.  We schedule the date, time, and location for your delivery, and complete! Delivery is professional, discrete, and private. OrganiCare accepts all major credit cards on delivery or online, safe, secure, and private.  Cash payment is also accepted.


Reliable and Friendly Medical Cannabis Delivery 

Are you new to cannabis or prefer privacy and discretion for your cannabis needs? Welcome to OrganiCare! Serving San Diego County since 2007, we are proud pioneers in San Diego’s medical cannabis community.  We have over a decade of experience to distinguish our work ethic, professionalism, quality, and consistency in our product. Our standards speak through our genetic purity.

Quality Cannabis Delivery Selection

Here at OrganiCare, we offer only organics, naturals, and non-toxic Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids. We guarantee each strain is tested to ensure quality, consistency, and potency.  Have fun, browse our menu. Members are welcome to place daily orders and schedule their medical cannabis delivery. OrganiCare places emphasis in serving those who fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act and meeting the needs of reasonable accommodations for cannabis delivery needs.  OrganiCare serves members and looks forward to accommodate patient requests for new products to the menu!

Consistent Medical Cannabis Delivery Service

Every delivery, expect a smile at your door.  OrganiCare is an original cannabis delivery service for San Diegan’s.  We are the standard for San Diego’s compassionate and professional cannabis delivery.  Any questions about our menu, services, referrals for physical or emotional needs please call (619) 777-6283 or reach us by clicking the Contact link above.

Organic and Natural Medical Cannabis Delivery to San Diego!

OrganiCare is a creation of San Diego natives and is our birth place, home, and love.  We serve our members with quality, consistency, and a sense of community. We invite only loving San Diegans to join our Chosen Family Membership. We provide our members with knowledgeable staff, excellence in service, and over 10 years of experience to deliver a quality product. Always ask more of your cannabis delivery service! Together we become better.

Why Wait? Register With OrganiCare Today!

We invite you to join San Diego’s exclusive medical cannabis delivery! Membership is free, easy, and quick for patients with a current Physician’s recommendation.