About Us

About Us

OrganiCareUSA offers quality organic, natural, non-toxic, friendly, and discrete medical cannabis delivery.  OrganiCareUSA services are for discerning members who care about what they put in their body and their mind.  People who want and need to treat their bodies and minds with compassion, thoughtfulness, and love will choose OrganiCareUSA.  We offer completely natural organic products 100% of the time in addition to friendly customer service, therapeutic knowledge, and excellence in industry compliance.

OrganiCareUSA’s founding member Captain Sunshine (Gabe Davis) is a native San Diegan, and  avid Social Worker who advocates for Social Justice, fair access to medical cannabis, fair access to mental health resources, mental health education, and family resources.

Our founder has served the United Nations Office for Project Services in Jordan, in addition to serving the United States with the Department of Homeland Security and the War on Terrorism. Gabe is also an expert in childhood Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, chronic depression, and Adverse Childhood Experiences.  OrganiCareUSA specializes in community, friendship, and family.

OrganiCareUSA medical cannabis is grown with human labor, computer monitoring, and scientific prevention techniques. For quality purposes, our standard operating procedures include natural defense techniques against pests and diseases, rather than the use of toxic chemicals.

OrganiCareUSA cultivates our own products as well as maintaining strong San Diegan connections to bring you the best quality medicine in town.

OrganiCareUSA engages in the use of technology which produces the Earth’s most water and light efficient cannabis

OrganiCareUSA private reserve cannabis is a process of a slow cure.  Curing of cannabis products with a minimum of 90 days.  The long cure time effects taste, captivating a delicious, immersive, and gratifying experience every time.

Captain Sunshine first began with our team in 2007 serving San Diego with our delivery service with a focus on compassion, safety, and affordable access.  Then, we had our Compassionate Collective.  We left the industry due to the team pursuing higher education and political challenges in the industry.  During our sabbatical team members earned our Masters in Business, our Masters in Social Work, and Bio Chemistry.

Captain Sunshine served with Homeland Security fighting the War on Terrorism in 2003-2007.  Further, Captain Sunshine is a survivor of domestic violence in his childhood, and fighting the War of Terrorism in his adulthood, Captain Sunshine has overcome and is challenged with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   As well, Captain Sunshine’s brother fought in the War on Terrorism and served at Guantanamo Bay.  Unfortunately, Captain Sunshine’s brother committed suicide by taking his own life by death by police officer.  A great motivator for Captain Sunshine, his soft heart, compassion, and motivation to serve San Diegans the most scientifically advanced cannabis on Earth.  Veterans comprise 7% of the U.S. population, however, attribute 20% of national suicide rate. Approximately 22 veterans commit suicide per day.  Captain Sunshine’s goal and the goal of OrganiCareUSA is to provide cannabis as a restorative coping skill for our veterans and community at large.  Cannabis can serve our veterans and larger community in order to regain emotional confidence, normalize stress hormone levels, calm the autonomic nervous system, restore mental well-being, and attribute to productive lives.

The life transition of no longer having his brother motivates Captain Sunshine and the OrganiCareUSA to be a leader in cannabis research.  OrganiCareUSA will serve San Diego, our veterans, and our members by investing resources into cannabis trauma research, education, and veteran suicide reduction.

Captain Sunshine leads OrganiCareUSA as an effort to soothe, relieve, heal, and overcome our emotional, psychological, and physical trauma.  Cannabis is our scientific tool, which we respect, value, and share with others in a safe, accepting, and affirming environment.

Today, Captain Sunshine and team deliver San Diego’s local craft cannabis.  A leader, innovator, and champion for craft cannabis.  Craft cannabis separates OrganiCareUSA, Captain Sunshine, and team from other Cannabis gardeners.   Our team loves questions and inquiry into our products and services.

Welcome to the age of Craft Cannabis with OrganiCareUSA.

Captain Sunshine leads a not-for-profit in accordance with Senate Bill 420 and Proposition 215. California Health and Safety Code sec. 11362.5(B)(1)(A) & 11362.7(H).


Mission Statement

The Mission of OrganiCareUSA is to provide friendly, family, and community driven cannabis services.  Together, we as San Diegans will build a region with healthy cannabis, living safely with cannabis, and thriving with cannabis.



Our team first came together in 2007 with the intention of providing medical cannabis to persons in search of hope, speed, discretion, access, affordability, safety, and compassion. Then, we were the Compassionate Collective.  Now, we are OrganiCareUSA, drawing on over a decade of experience, in order to set the standard for caring about our cannabis. Captain Sunshine (Gabe Davis), founder of OrganiCareUSA, is as passionate about cannabis as anyone in California. “I love cannabis, as someone who use to suffer from insomnia, chronic depression, and PTSD.  I have learned positive coping mechanisms for my psychological and physical needs with cannabis,” says Captain Sunshine. OrganiCareUSA core values places emphasis on all cannabis products in order to provide 100% clean and safe cannabis.  Cannabis which is pesticide-free, undergoes quality, and performance tests to ensure consistency and potency. OrganiCareUSA observes the State of California cannabis laws, and then observes personal, ethical, and industry standards for craft cannabis.  Craft cannabis standards for the OrganiCareUSA will eventually excel California testing requirements, and OrganiCareUSA will conduct in house testing of each strain for genetic consistency, quality, and performance. Emphasis on excellence, continuous quality improvement, total quality management, purity, and love starts with the beginning of every seed, clone, and gardener.

OrganiCareUSA places a transparent emphasis on our love for cannabis, our love for life, loving our team, and creating a safe space for friends and family.  Together, OrganiCareUSA values seek continuous cannabis creation to meet the medical needs, desires, and dreams of our members.  We hope to offer edibles, sprays, infusions, and concentrates. In addition to lotions, sun screens, lip balms, soaps, and clothing.  Captain Sunshine communicates as a Social Worker how, “State regulations are important with a focus on testing because of concentrations of pesticides, residual salts or nutrients, and overall toxicity. Toxicity to the human body is why we have to have state regulations and standards for quality control.  Unfortunately, many uneducated, lazy, and or hobbyist and experimental growers have heavy pesticide use which is unsafe.  In addition, many gardeners are unaware of toxic effects of molds, funguses, algae, and insects,” reports the Captain.  In addition to further communicating the excellence in purity is because “OrganiCareUSA makes our products with our cannabis, grown inside bubble dome spaceships, high tech, futuristic, computer monitoring, craft cannabis quality in all of our cannabis products.  Therefore, all cannabis is craft cannabis, pesticide, and insecticide free.”