Captain Sunshine


OrganiCareUSA craft cannabis standards start with our attitudes, character, patterns, and education.   Importantly, OrganiCareUSA craft cannabis standards are built into the design, implementation, and maintenance of the indoor cannabis facility. OrganiCareUSA founding Director Captain Sunshine, has one of the most impressive resumes in the industry. Captain Sunshine hails from over 600 years of farming from his mother’s side of the family.  Simple farmers from Kiel in Germany, arriving in 1912 to become farmers in Iowa.  Captain Sunshine’s grandmother left Iowa for San Diego before WWII.  She eventually settled in San Diego, working on planes, as a Rosie the Riveter.  Captain Sunshine found farming as a mode to reengage his ancestral roots and a coping skill for healing PTSD.  Captain Sunshine possesses his Master’s Degree in Social Work Administration and Community Development, with emphasis in Human Services Management.  In addition to, his Masters in Near and Middle Eastern Studies, with a rich background in politics, law, and society of the Middle East.

Captain Sunshine dopes not fear politicians, ignorance, stupidity, or down right assholes.  The law is meant to protect citizens, promote the safety and posterity, a more perfect union, and establish justice.  Captain Sunshine and medical patients are protected by numerous Federal Statutes, most importantly, the Americans With Disabilities Act.  The City of San Diego and the County of San Diego do not have the authority to shut down cannabis deliveries without fair representation and taxation.  Whereby, veterans in dire need of cannabis will be denied services because of a lack of local leadership.  Captain Sunshine stands in opposition and with the moral authority.


Who is Captain Sunshine

Captain Sunshine goes by the alias because the hardest experience in his life was working with children who engaged in self-harm.  One of his clients despite much adversity praised Captain with the alias “Captain Sunshine.”  Whereby, Captain Sunshine.  Further, Captain Sunshine is an introvert and prefers not be a center of attention.  As OrganiCareUSA grows, in time, Captain hopes to have a store front where he can engage with veterans and community members like his brother.

Captain Sunshine was recruited to serve Homeland Security at the age of 19 fighting the War on Terrorism from 2003-2007.  More so, Captain Sunshine is a survivor of domestic violence in his childhood, and fighting the War of Terrorism in his adulthood, Captain Sunshine has overcome and is challenged with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   As well, Captain Sunshine’s brother fought in the War on Terrorism and served at Guantanamo Bay.  Unfortunately, Captain Sunshine’s brother committed suicide by taking his own life by death by police officer.  Captain Sunshine has overcome significant depression, thoughts of suicide, and even in his earlier life attempted suicide twice.  Thankfully, cognitive reframing, mindfulness, meditation, and cannabis offer significant relief.

Importantly, learning about trauma and the effects on the brain we understand the value of medical cannabis.  Here, Captain reflects on the stigmas his brother and he faced with family.  Cannabis seen as an awful drug and not a medicine.  Captain Sunshine spent time advocating for cannabis from 2008-2010.  As well as, advocating for the Medical Marijuana Task Force in 2010 after his brother’s life transition in order to increase access to medicine.  During this time Captain Sunshine spent time volunteering with the police department, the Peace Promotion Momentum Team, Alternatives to Violence Project, and the International Rescue Committee.   With the Police Departments curfew sweeps the efforts were to reduce youth violent crime, human trafficking, and teach teenagers about dream building and time management.  Eventually working with refugees, child soldiers, and local high school students.  Captain spent the next three years learning about trauma informed service delivery and the effects of trauma on the brain.  Eventually, went back to school, working with homeless youth and homeless veterans.

Further, Captain Sunshine is a published author on child development, adverse childhood experiences, and pathways to hope.  Captain is an expert team builder, project designer, planner, and executor.  Together, we cultivate craft cannabis.  In the hopes of expanding the teams diversity Captain Sunshine will hire veterans and or train veterans and persons in horticulture, botany, and agricultural science.


Why does Captain Sunshine Cultivate Cannabis

Captain Sunshine communicates how, “There is a clear distinction of OrganiCareUSA versus our competitors in the medical cannabis industry.  I am an expert on mental health and wellness.  I am a scientist.”  When you are injured you go to the Doctor.  The same logic needs to apply with medical cannabis.  If you want an expert on the mind, mental health and wellness, you go to a Social Worker.  There is a specific strain for every ailment.  In order to properly identify member needs the OrganiCareUSA will train and or hire Social Workers in order to appropriately asses the cannabis needs of our members.

OrganiCareUSA will focus on setting standards in excellence, sustainability, and producing San Diego’s finest Organicare craft cannabis on the market. Our cannabis gardens will one day practice the highest standards of sustainability and zero waste. OrganiCareUSA investment into family, friends, and community produces a cannabis product of the greatest excellence.

Further, OrganiCareUSA will focus on innovative water efficient technologies, light efficient technologies, and human behavior technologies for the advancement of cannabis.  OrganiCareUSA hopes to steer the medical cannabis market and guide cannabis practices.  Craft cannabis practices start in naturals, organics, veganics, insecticide free, herbicide free, and fungicide free cultivation.  OrganiCare cannabis is craft cannabis.  OrganiCareUSA advocates to stop the use of pesticides.  The importance of mind body awareness is key in OrganiCare cannabis craft cannabis.  Pesticides will effect toxicity, pesticides will affect the body, and pesticides will affect the mind.  In addition, these toxic pesticides end up in San Diego’s rivers, and the ocean. Disgusting.


OrganiCareUSA Cannabis Cultivation

OrganiCareUSA hopes to eventually provide beyond the private reserve their bud in cure for 3-6 months. There are no current craft cannabis standard operating procedures for curing. Often, curing cannabis is less than a month, and for many cannabis green rush pursuers often less than one week. Importantly, cannabis curing allows chlorophyll to break down creating a cleaner, smoother, purer cannabis. Curing, moderates moisture, affects taste, and increases potency. Curing is a craft cannabis art Captain Sunshine and OrganiCareUSA hope to achieve for all of their members cannabis needs.  OrganiCareUSA Craft cannabis curing, is the art of aroma, the art of taste, and the art of science.

Thankfully, cannabis is a versatile, agile, and adaptable plant.  Whereby, cannabis offers countless strains for consumer needs.  Each cannabis strain will offer a unique psychoactive effect and or physical effect.  Cannabinoids and terpenes effect our brain and trigger the chemical response. Every cannabis strain will offer a unique cannabinoid and terpene profile.  Such profiles include: THC, CBD, CBG, THCA and CBN.  THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol, and is the psychoactive chemical in cannabis.   Whereas, CBD is Cannabidiol and CBN is Cannabinol.  Those chemicals are known for the medicinal properties.

OrganiCareUSA hopes to engage in the advancement of scientific testing of these compounds on PTSD and depression. OrganiCareUSA hopes to engage in patient-based testing and assessment in order to unlock cures for countless ailments, diseases, and pain. OrganiCareUSA hopes to provide top-notch medicinal cannabis naturals, organics, veganics, and pesticide free. Members who use cannabis for epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, cancer treatment, depression, PTSD, and other ailments want to be sure they can count on a pharmaceutical grade.

OrganiCareUSA will be the craft cannabis pioneering educator, advocate for mental health, veterans, healthy cannabis, living safely with cannabis, and thriving with cannabis.