Core Values

Mission Statement

The Mission of OrganiCareUSA is to provide friendly, family, and community driven cannabis services.  Together, we as San Diegans will build a region with healthy cannabis, living safely with cannabis, and thriving with cannabis.


Core Values

OrganiCareUSA core values represent the heart of the organization and our soul.   Further, OrganiCareUSA core values steer our energy towards positive, transparent, and productive engagement with San Diego, our members, and the global local cannabis community.

Therefore, OrganiCareUSA will engage in searching for innovative revenue sources, cost cutting strategies, and agile approaches to avoid organizational retrenchment.  OrganiCareUSA is a social purpose on nonprofit mutual benefit corporation created to generate sustainable revenue streams while fulfilling a social mission.  We therefore must balance financial needs and social impact in our communities.

Thus, OrganiCareUSA will engage in sustainable, long-term solutions to community-based endemic challenges such as with mental health, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and physical pain challenges.  OrganiCareUSA will engage in providing safe, friendly, affordable, and compassionately grown medical cannabis.

OrganiCareUSA will place value in local initiative and participation. Therefore, we seek “social justice outcomes.”  OrganiCareUSA seeks sustainable, large-scale change with pattern-breaking ideas to address access to innovative medicines, applications, and cannabis distribution techniques.

OrganiCareUSA will pioneer innovative and systemic approaches for meeting the needs of marginalized medical cannabis users—the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised—populations that lack the financial means or political clout to achieve lasting benefits on their own.

In this process, OrganiCareUSA will become a modern era Jane Adams by introducing innovative community-based approaches to cannabis.  OrganiCareUSA will create and manage a coordinated system of sustainable organic care cannabis services and local nonprofit services.  Thus, providing a nexus for cannabis solutions posed by individuals and communities, and respect local knowledge and capacity.

In addition, marketing and sustainability plans will revolve around “target groups” and the memberships own energy to create and financially sustain the change process.  As well, OrganiCareUSA will build social capital through a membership and social networks that foster project sustenance.  OrganiCareUSA will address the root causes of cannabis distress, social and economic cannabis injustice, oppression, and marginalization.

Further, OrganiCareUSA will engage in social entrepreneurship research, education, and develop best practices for medical cannabis.  Importantly, OrganiCareUSA seeks the opportunity to engage in, develop, and have peer reviewed evidence based cannabis practices.  OrganiCareUSA will actively engage in building coalitions, policy analysis, encourage citizen participation, engage decision makers, and exhibit cultural competency, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, social empathy, conflict management, active listening, trauma inform service delivery, and collaboration with members and the community.

OrganiCareUSA will honor local culture and work collaboratively with indigenous members to build grassroots interest participation.  Together we will mold a collective social vision, identify market opportunities congruent with cultural norms and traditions, and identify ways to capitalize on community social capital.

OrganiCareUSA community members will gain experience creating sustainable, context-sensitive solutions to significant community problems as partners in the collaborative effort.

Ways of Knowing ·         Understand the field of social entrepreneurship.

·         Know the community through engagement.

Way of thinking ·         Think in systems.

·         Identify problems and define and design solutions.

·         Think creatively.

·         Think with a focus on results.

Ways of Interacting ·         Communicate clearly and convincingly.

·         Build coalitions and teams.

Ways of Being ·         Understand self.

·         Sense of purpose and self-permission.


OrganiCareUSA focuses on three principles: innovation, proactivity, and risk taking for the good of the community.

OrganiCareUSA will engage employees who have individual characteristics with a desire for autonomy and a need for achievement.  As well as, an internal locus of control, a willingness to take risks, and are proactive in order to create the propensity for social intrapreneurship among individuals.

OrganiCareUSA will identify, evaluate, and exploit opportunities with the aim of creating social value.  San Diego Cannabis Center social value will use a wide range of market-driven and other resources to create social transformation.

OrganiCareUSA will be led by, employ, and actively seek social entrepreneurs who add value to services and take reasonable risks on behalf of the people we serve.  Together, we will ensure both social and financial returns on our investments.

OrganiCareUSA will incorporate the 5 paths to social systems change.

1) Market Dynamics and Value Chains

2) Public Policy and Industry Norms

3) Full Inclusion and Empathy

4) Business-Social Congruence

5) Culture of Change making


OrganiCareUSA will engage in transdisciplinary programs and program development in four stages.

Stage 1—Exploration

Stage 2—Installation and drivers

Stage 3—Initial implementation

Stage 4—Full implementation