Serving the Community

Commitment to Local Service

OrganiCareUSA is nonprofit mutual benefit corporation whose sole purpose is to become the leading cannabis distributor, cultivator, and asset generator in order to serve veterans and veteran service programs. The services endorsed by OrganiCareUSA include veteran affordable community housing, employment opportunities, onsite case management, counseling, job coaching, independent living skills instruction, and transitional skills for veterans and community members.

OrganiCareUSA endorses supportive housing for homeless veterans, transitional veterans, and family members of veterans, in order to help them progress toward economic self-sufficiency and improve their overall quality of life. OrganiCareUSA endorses supportive housing for veterans where the structural layout, appearance, and maintenance of the residential center offers a functional environment contributive to the stability of residents. Further, OrganiCareUSA endorses supportive housing veterans where common spaces are available throughout the housing units to allow for tenant interactions, socialization, and building of social capital amongst residents. Most importantly, OrganiCareUSA endorses supportive housing for veterans where a community Veterans Café is located on-site at the housing center, where residents, and the external community can gather and enjoy a sit-down refreshments.

OrganiCareUSA endorses supportive housing for veterans who are hired to work at either the cannabis production plant or at the Veteran’s Café located onsite at the community residential center. Further, OrganiCareUSA endorses supportive housing for veterans which provides in-depth training and employment support for all staff, as needed throughout the year. OrganiCareUSA endorses supportive housing for veterans where upon move-in, each resident is assigned a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Associate Social Worker available to them, on a daily or weekly basis for case management, job coaching, and to connect them with additional needed resources in the community. OrganiCareUSA endorses supportive housing for veterans also providing independent living skills group sessions for all residents. The behavioral health services offered to veterans by social workers encourage both personal and community asset building.

OrganiCareUSA endorses supportive housing veterans where veteran tenants of the community residential center are given the opportunity to serve as volunteer mentors to residents. OrganiCareUSA endorses supportive housing veteran’s residential center offering a convenient, centrally located, safe place for mentors and mentees to meet. The volunteer veteran mentors will meet with the transitional youth residents to help the young adults reach their highest potential and to support them in their goals. The mentor program offers the transitional youth the opportunity to develop a relationship with a caring adult with a vested interest in their future while providing the veterans with a chance to share their knowledge and experience and develop a sense of purpose and importance as a role model for young adults.

In addition to supporting veterans and transitional youth with housing, employment, and behavioral health services. OrganiCareUSA endorses supporting veterans is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality cannabis product on the market. OrganiCareUSA takes pride in customer service and is committed to meeting the agreed delivery times of our products, and keeping the sales prices controlled in accordance with ongoing market trends. All cannabis sales will be processed through OrganiCareUSA online ordering system.


Key Innovations and Theory of Change

OrganiCareUSA major key innovation is the way in which profits generated by cannabis cultivation are used to fund community based services.  Importantly, community services directed at Veterans.  Such as advocacy for veterans with affordable housing and the creation of employment opportunities. OrganiCareUSA long term theory of change is to create a culture of healing around cannabis and to ultimately end the negative stigma associated with cannabis cultivation, use, and integration into societal norms through supporting disenfranchised members of our communities such as veterans. OrganiCareUSA believes cannabis cultivation to be a long term sustainable profit model which provides cannabinoids to people directly, and utilizes profits from the sales of cannabinoids to fund veteran’s community based services. The conditions OrganiCareUSA aims to create to support this long term goal are sustainable housing for veteran’s needs are met.  Veterans are encouraged to serve as volunteers, interns, employees, and receive counseling and practical support. Veterans will seek OrganiCareUSA because of the growing rates of cannabis use in the veteran populations.