Why is Organicare a collective? 

Organicare is a collective in order to provide and promote healthy organic cannabis medicine.


How do I get a medical recommendation? 

HelloMD and Organicare partner to provide patients a medical recommendation online or a smart phone.


How long does it take to process or verify my recommendation? 

We can usually verify your recommendation on the spot. At max it can take 18 hours for any phone verification.

If you do not have a recommendation, HelloMD provides same day medical recommendations online. 


How does delivery work? 

Once you have your recommendation verified with Organicare, you can place an order. Usually all of this takes place over the phone.  Once your order is received, a driver is dispatched to your address to deliver the medicine.


I can’t leave my house. I can’t drive. How do I get my order? 

We deliver directly to your door or the location you choose. Easy discrete access is part of our service.


Does it cost anything to become a member? 

Membership is free.


Does the courier have to knock at my door?

Our couriers respect all members.  If there are any special instructions, please let us know.



How long is my recommendation valid? 

Medical Recommendations are valid for one calendar year.


Do you offer discounts? 

Discounts are provided at various times. Veterans receive 10% off any order.


What conditions can medical cannabis help with? 

The answer to this question is expansive.  In a nut shell,  we (America) need more evidenced based science on cbd to conclusively say cbd cures cancer, prevents cancer, decreases inflammation, and reduces stress hormones cortisol.

Whereas, THC is perfect for someone who needs to treat anxiety, depression, and other challenges.  However, if the individual has a Severe Emotional Disturbance or mental health issues, you should avoid cannabis unless recommended by a doctor. You may experience thought distortions, paranoia, and face extreme fear never felt before.  These instances, may reveal triggers into trauma.