CBD 500mg

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Formulated with organic coconut oil, organic hemp oil.

CBD receptors exist throughout the body.  Because CBD receptors are throughout the body people report experiences with reduction in inflammation.

99.97 % pure cannabidiol (CBD), physically impossible to get high from, CBD receptor in the brain and not the CB1 receptor for THC.  CBD cannot go into CB1 so it’s like sticking the wrong key into the key hole, cannot get high off of CBD.

CW Analytical.  Berkley microbiological testing for bacteria, yeast, pathogens, non-toxicity, consistency and purity.

We do not use any flavorings in order to maintain purity and create greater access.

Marketing CBD as a treatment or cure to any health condition or disease is held back because the FDA is run by politicians and not scientists. We are not doctors. These statements are not approved/endorsed by the FDA. Please consult with your physician before making any changes to your diet, lifestyle or supplement intake


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