Grapefruit (Cindarella 99)

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Grapefruit strain has two lineages. One lineage of Grapefruit comes from two Sativa-dominant strains.  First, is BC Grapefruit, in addition to, Nectar’s Grapefruit. Grapefruit commonly triggers uplifting feelings, euphoria, people describe stimulating chi in the body/ energy. Nectar’s Grapefruit may trigger feelings of exhilaration. All strains are unique, even when highlighting similar features or attributes.  Children, as twins may look alike, but we know everyone develops their own character. Nectar’s strain effects are often preferable by yogis, painters, and writers for emotional triggers in order to dive internal. Whereas, BC Grapefruit may trigger extroversion, talkativeness, and social ability. Grapefruit can remind us to hydrate.  Importantly, Grapefruit often triggers emotions, so the user needs to know if they will trigger positive emotions.

I love Grapefruit as a daytime medication before I go to yoga or after yoga if I want to keep doing things in the day.  Go for a hike, walk, stay active. Listen up, I enjoy Grapefruit for relieving anxiety, pain, and stress. However, I use Nectar with micro dosing when writing and needing high levels of clarity and focus.  Pre-frontal cortex feelings, and observation of cerebral effects I use for coping with PTSD, depression, and when appropriate for insomnia. I like Grapefruit for medium levels of mind body awareness.  What that means is I use Grapefruit as a medium to overcome minor pain, soreness, fatigue, and medium vibratory effect.

The legends of BC Grapefruit report a lineage from a clone of unknown genetic origin. Reports say Steve of Spice of Life came upon the clone, and took some liberty to grow the beauty. By the power of the Universe BC Grapefruit branches out in the 80s. Otherwise, some gardeners claim breeders traced the genetic origin.  Authentic BC Grapefruit is an uncommon Cannabis Poke mon.

Nectar Grapefruit genetics hail from Cinderella 99 and an unknown Sativa believably held secret with Nectar Seeds.


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